Matt Nix Burn Notice
Matt Nix Burn Notice

matt nix - screenwriter Credits/Important Assignments:

  • Creator, Executive Producer and Showrunner – BURN NOTICE (USA)
  • BOSS GO HOME, pitch sold to Warner Bros. Studios
  • COCK & BULL (In preproduction, due out in 2006)
  • FAMILY HONOR, for Hunt/Tavel and Columbia Pictures
  • CRUDDY, for Killer Films
  • THE FACE, for Warner Brothers/Franchise Pictures
  • INLAND EMPIRE, for Universal Focus
  • CHASING VERMEER, for Warner Brothers
  • BEING ALEXANDER, for New Line
  • Wrote and directed the short film ME AND THE BIG GUY, for the Sci-Fi Channel, FIRST PRINCE for Fox Cable, and CHEKHOV’S GUN, for PBS.
  • Adapted SENSEI, for Freestyle Pictures and Constantin Films

Formative Creative Experiences: I loved acting at my High program and in UCLA Theater productions, and I wrote and directed video projects since I was little. It was always something I did for fun, though, and didn’t seem like a real job. Then I worked in development for a year and a half, and that experience convinced me that writing was something I might actually be able to do for a living.

Influential Movies or TV Shows: All the Coen Brothers movies, Terry Gilliam’s films. GET SHORTY, FIGHT CLUB, LA CONFIDENTIAL, THE GODFATHER, STRICTLY BALLROOM… there are a lot of others, I guess. On TV, I don’t know. I used to watch a lot of Star Trek and M*A*S*H, and I really like The Simpsons, but cable TV tends to cut into my writing time, so I cut it off.

Comment on Your WBC Experience: It was really useful in helping me attack a script and get my head around an idea. I used to just hack at stories, writing tons of stuff and then cutting. WBC allowed me to do a lot of that structural work earlier in the process.

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