Diversity History

As the founder of the company, Jeffrey Gordon has been responsible for supporting more than 12,000 artists since 1989.  Writers Boot Camp is comprised of a small staff and we are skilled at working through the nuances of the creative process to support the vision and creative preferences of each individual.  Knowing someone we know or being referred by an alumnus is not a prerequisite of a writer working with us.  The industry is changing and the pendulum has swung toward even greater opportunity for all kinds of diverse writers and filmmakers, including artists self-identified more specifically on the basis of gender and sexuality.

Writers Boot Camp’s remarkable success of supporting diversity and a range of creative voices is unparalleled in the business.  Over the nine years Fox Diversity sponsored writers through Basic Training, 50% of the writers attracted staff television jobs, including top show runners today.  In fact, women represent a higher percentage of our overall alumni success stories—and through the years we’ve awarded nearly half a million dollars in fellowship awards to writers and filmmakers of diverse heritage, highlighting opportunities for women of color.

No one does what we do and with as much depth of process.  Writers Boot Camp’s tools are meant to empower your own authority.  In addition to being unique and highly sophisticated, our tools are non-formulaic and agnostic in their application to any type of material and genre.  Our mentorship and consulting approach is to give writers and filmmakers what they need to succeed at the highest levels of the business.  We don’t ignore a writer’s early, idealistic inclinations, yet we provide a platform for accelerated learning about the professional challenges of writing for the industry.  We recognize there are always people who are exceptions to the so-called rules by, usually, highly exceptional individuals.

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