Commit 10 hours per week for 10 weeks from Idea Through First Draft & Two Rewrites

Our Basic Training imparts comprehensive writing fundamentals while you write a first draft plus two rewrites of your feature-length, TV pilot, web series–or the foundation of a book or novel. If you become a Pro Member before the start of the 10-Week Basic Training, then it becomes your official start of Professional Membership and the 10 weeks of support are complimentary. On your first call with a staff member, the conversation will establish your short-term and longer-term creative goals to mutually determine your eligibility for Pro Membership.

Writers Boot Camp founder, Jeffrey Gordon (JG), who created all the unique exercises and tools, conducts the Basic Training sessions via video conference. Over the 10 weeks, the group meets one evening per week for five consecutive weeks and then once more near the first-draft deadline. The remaining three weeks of rewriting are further individualized.  After the two rewrites, the process culminates with an evaluation and conference on your material.

More than 12,000 writers and filmmakers have gone through Basic Training since 1989. Our alumni work at the highest levels of the entertainment industry and have hundreds of major movie and television credits, along with hundreds of books published. In addition to the direct support of founder Jeffrey Gordon, Basic Training includes a workbook and weekly Office Hours via phone and email with a staff member for individual support for questions and creative reinforcement. If the start date is more than a month away, the same Basic Training process is available One-on-One as soon as you have 10 hours available each week. With either option, you’ll learn comprehensive fundamentals of screenwriting and television writing as you complete your first draft in just seven weeks from the day you start–and, apart from committing the 10 hours per week and choosing a project idea, you don’t need to do anything else to prepare!

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