A-List Alumni

A-List Alumni

Writers Boot Camp is open to working with anyone who has the passion to sustain a commitment of 10 hours per week for creative exercises and writing. Our A-List are Aspiring Filmmakers, Working Actors, Attorneys who’d like to be more creative, Accomplished Producers and Advertising Professionals and Writers Who Are Already Productive who need to strengthen their conceptual choices and rewrite their existing material more effectively. These are the kinds of people who tend to achieve at the highest levels of the entertainment industry.

Our support empowers you to work at your highest potential along with other A-List writers and filmmakers.  Writers Boot Camp’s process and tools are a strong foundation of professionalism toward articulating your individual voice.  Our approach to A-List is not elitist.

The most important A word is AVAILABILITY—to commit 10 hours per week toward creative exercises and writing.

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Writers Boot Camp alumni have received Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes, WGA and Tony awards. Here are just some of the credits of our alumni:

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