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Please complete and submit the following questionnaire. A Writers Boot Camp staff member will be in touch to schedule a call to discuss your creative goals. The conversation will determine your path in the entertainment industry and address your potential eligibility for educational subsidies and scholarships.  You may inquire about affordable payment plans and specific benefits accruing to Pro Members, who can now participate from outside of LA in meetings conducted by Founder Jeffrey Gordon (JG) via zoom.  If you are an alumnus of Basic Training or Professional Membership, feel free to email JG directly at

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This is also not the Fellowship application page.  You can instead view any current Fellowship details via our recent blog posts.

    My current job allows me - or I can see myself committing - ten hours per week towards the pursuit of my creative goals...

    The following aspect of the writing process gives me the most trouble

    My approach to my writing sessions most resembles the following:

    My typical writing session lasts

    Working on my writing an average of 10 hours/week, I'd like to be able to go from concept, to first Draft, through the necessary rewriting orbits, to completed, professional caliber scripts in...

    I envision myself continuing to pursue writing to four years from now

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