WBC Testimonials

These alumni comment on how the experience at Writers Boot Camp has prepared them for a career writing for film & television.

After 19 years as a Broadway actor and creative director/fashion editor, I was ready to tell my own stories and WBC gave me the tools to organize all my wild ideas.  I also needed a space that was wildly inclusive and supportive of diversity and capable of giving constructive feedback no matter the subject matter. Thanks, Jeff!

- James Brown III, Actor-Writer-Producer

“My last day of Project Group, I turned to a close friend whom I met when we first started. “Can you believe it’s been nearly two years?” I said. “Two? It feels more like 10.” This feeling was testament to the enormous amount of ground covered in Professional Membership. Not only did I learn the fundamentals of telling a story – a skill that applies to all forms of writing and analysis – I learned how to look at myself through my work and to better understand what I was trying to say.”

- Andrea Arria-Devoe, Writer-Producer

“My Writers Boot Camp experience was essentially a series of escalating breakthroughs and deepening insights, pushing me toward mastery of the art and business of screenwriting…But my most potent writing breakthrough struck when I realized that the most potent writing breakthroughs are not, strictly speaking, ‘writing’ breakthroughs at all. They’re conceptual breakthroughs. Writing well is necessary, but not sufficient. I’m certain that I wouldn’t understand any of this nearly as well without the luxury of developing my craft in the sheltered harbor of Writers Boot Camp, where being an unknown writer (for now) is the best thing that ever happened to me.”

- John Dardis, Writer-Filmmaker

“There are so many incredible aspects to Pro Membership, as well as Basic Training. The tools are truly idiot-proof, however, they aren’t without sophistication. They lead you to translate the ideas floating around your head into life on a page–a structure, then scenes, and ultimately a working story. Writers Boot Camp is the kind of learning environment that one could return to at any point in their career, whether you have won an Academy Award or are a beginner.”

- Maya McLaughlin, Actor-Writer

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