WBC Testimonials

These alumni comment on how the experience at Writers Boot Camp has prepared them for a career writing for film & television.

Writers Boot Camp gave me support in the crucial beginning stages of my first movie which landed me an overall studio deal.

- Shawn Schepps, Feature Film and TV Writer, Encino Man, Weeds

My Writers Boot Camp script got me an agent, five TV movies and a feature deal in two years.

- Nancey Silvers, Writer-Producer (Dozens of TV Movies)

With a hit Off Broadway play under my belt, I still knew nothing of screenwriting technique before enrolling in Writers Boot Camp. In fact, it was my first writing session of any kind (Think Tank–which is now Pro Membership–was the second).

- Steven Sater, Tony-Award Winner for Spring Awakening

As someone with a fair amount of experience in creative writing groups and classes, Writers Boot Camp was a wake-up call for me.  The emphasis on the tools provided and the clear, forthright explanations of how to apply those tools to your writing in a step-by-step process was both invaluable and far superior to other programs.

- Dianna Zimmerman, M.A. Creative Writing, Published Author

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