The Philosophy and Stages of Full Development

Based on an expedient first-draft process, including emphasis on developing tools like the Unity Page, the 3-6-3, the Horizontal and brainstorming of setpieces, Writers Boot Camp estimates that a feature-length script can be readable by industry standards within six months, working at a part-time pace of 10 hours on a weekly basis.

The ratio of tools work versus writing during the first-draft stage would be 80% tools and 20% writing. Once the tools have been established, then the subsequent rewriting stages would flip that ratio to 20% tools, primarily updating and brainstorming for specific creative issues, and 80% emphasis on writing pages. Of session, the rewriting stages are the primary portion of a Six-Month Full Development process, even with earnest tools development and preparation.

For television writers, the key to reducing this timeline is how quickly you master a working knowledge of the conceits of your series. Early on, a TV pilot may take as much time to develop as a feature film due to the decisions required about multiple storylines. Most movies and books can get by with just an A-Story; most TV these days has three or four storylines per episode. Learning to break down the parameters and inner workings of existing movies and series is more than an overnight process.

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