Full Development Philosophy

Full Development Philosophy

The Philosophy and Stages of Full Development

Based on an expedient, seven-week first-draft process, Writers Boot Camp estimates that a feature-length script can be readable by industry standards within six months, writing at a part-time pace of 10 hours per week. For television scripts, this will gradually reduce to three to four months since rewriting of shorter scripts can be achieved in half the time. Of session, it will take a newer writer longer than six months to learn the tools and to apply them to one’s ideas. The tools will help you structure your stories, activate character layers and make creative choices to distinguish your material, thematically and in terms of fresh entertainment.

Six-Month Full Development Timeline

Few writers accomplish more without a formal regimen of support and discipline. Along with Writers Boot Camp mentor support, the Full Development process breaks down the stages of work on any project to help you manage and repeat your success. Your continued productivity on multiple projects will empower your authority of your own work and push you past conventional writing problems. The Full Development Timeline breaks down to six months in three major stages of work: First Draft in two months, then three months of Component Level Rewriting and one month of Craft Rewriting. A writer’s first few projects will tend to take longer to complete until the process becomes intuitive.

Script development timeline

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Writers Boot Camp alumni have received Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes, WGA and Tony awards. Here are just some of the credits of our alumni:

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