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Writers Boot Camp’s Producer Consulting matches an independent producer with a talented and affordable writer through our writers network to develop a project idea or adaptation into a viable script. Producer Consulting provides the equivalent of work-for-hire writing services, along with a year of Writers Boot Camp supervision and project management. Once commenced, a writer’s official development and writing timeline is approximately six months, from inception to first draft and through many interim creative deadlines.

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Writers Boot Camp writers have had nearly 30 notable movies made in just the past 18 months. Hundreds more writers have major film and television credits, and form a virtual vanguard of digital and branded content creators. Writers Boot Camp is a conduit for talented writers and a facilitator of the creative process. Our methodology is not just for new writers. The tools are highly effective and professional, accelerating creative achievement and articulating specific project objectives. Writers Boot Camp Professional Members have gone through a minimum of two years of intensive sessions to learn a specialized and unique arsenal of tools, evaluation skills and rewriting process. On the verge of career breakthrough, many yet undiscovered writers have learned to be more efficient and prolific than typical working writers. During our sessions, writers must write 10 hours per week and are trained to complete major stages of work every four weeks on a part-time basis that often surpasses what full-time writers achieve. The writer’s deal structure also abides Writers Boot Camp’s Full Development philosophy taught through the professional member’s sessions, breaking the creative timeline into 10 distinctive stages of work and formal drafts of a script.

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