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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Writers Boot Camp Fellowship?

  • The Writers Boot Camp Fellowship is awarded every month to three writers based on a viable idea, an entertaining scene conveying the potential of your idea and a short description of creative goals.
  • The Fellowship includes a full scholarship through Writers Boot Camp’s Basic Training sessionwork, whether live in LA or One-on-One with one of our staff mentors.
  • One development deal is awarded annually to one of the Fellows selected throughout the year.

What is the Writers Boot Camp Fellowship mission?

  • The Fellowship mission is to discover, train and launch new screenwriting, television writing, diverse and inspired talent.
  • Our mission is also to support Fellowship candidates who are not selected by providing insight about their application and material, special offers on membership and opportunities for further professional education.

Fellowship Notification and Winners

  • Three Fellows are selected every month, including one Feature Fellow, one Television Fellow and one Diversity/Inspired Fellow.
  • Winners will be notified by a Writers Boot Camp staff member and names posted on your My Status page.
  • Fellows will be immediately integrated into the Writers Boot Camp community and may begin sessionwork within 24 hours of notification.
  • Once Fellows complete their sessionwork, competition for the development deal will begin.

What is a Development Deal and how is the annual winner determined?

  • A development deal is a contract to write a script based on an original idea or source material for an individual producer, production company, network or studio.
  • After each Fellow’s sessionwork and script evaluation, a ranking within the group of Fellows for that year (September-August) is established for further consideration to select the most outstanding Fellow.
  • The development deal will be subject to change depending on the Fellow’s unique writing strengths, background and the priorities of our sponsoring partner at the time. The development deal could be based on one of the writer’s original ideas or a new project assigned by our sponsoring partner.
  • We have many potential partners in various aspects of the entertainment business. A typical development deal will include installment payments by the sponsoring partner to the writer as stages of work are completed and signed off. If the project is produced, all payments will be treated as advances against the equivalent Writers Guild minimum for the appropriate budget level.

How do I apply?

  • Click on “Become a Fellow” and you can follow the simple instructions from there.
  • First, register on our website with your email and password.
  • Complete the 20 application questions, including a project title and single-sentence Premise Line.
  • Upload your script pages in Final Draft format to the application.
  • Sign the Fellowship Agreement by clicking on the signature box.
  • Choose your Fellowship Categories and optional Diversity/Inspired Categories.
  • Complete your payment.
  • Login to My Status for notification of winners and updates.

Who is eligible to apply for the Fellowship?

  • Candidates must be available to commit 10 hours a week to writing and creative work.
  • Candidates must be 18 years or older to apply.
  • Candidates must sign the Fellowship Agreement by clicking on the signature box.

What do I need creatively to apply to the Fellowship?

  • An original project idea for a Feature Screenplay or Television Pilot.
  • A Project Title and Premise Line for your project.
  • One written scene (three pages or less) conveying the entertainment potential of your project.
  • A short paragraph on your writing goals.
  • We don’t recommend sending the opening scene of your project for submission.
  • Your scene should be entertaining and pertinent to the expectations indicated in your premise line.
  • Motivation for continued writing and education.

How will my application and candidacy be evaluated?

  • Submissions are carefully reviewed by specially trained and experienced Writers Boot Camp staff members.
  • The evaluation process is based on a comprehensive checklist and a set of professional tools that have launched hundreds of A-List screenwriting, television writing and filmmaking careers and are an inherent part of the educational sessionwork at Writers Boot Camp created and evolved by founder Jeffrey Gordon since 1989.
  • Each submission is evaluated on a point system that includes rating numerous variables, including the viability and originality of your idea, the strength of your Project Title and clarity of your Premise Line, the nature of your principal characters and their relationships, and the readability and quality of your scene work and dialogue.
  • The evaluation will also address your writing voice, education, personal statement and creative calendar (your availability for writing).

What are Creative Categories?

  • Creative Categories are the specific film genres and television themes for consideration each month.
  • Creative Categories change every month throughout the year.
  • Your project must be consistent with one of the monthly categories to be considered for that month’s Fellowship.

How much are application fees?

  • Consideration for the Fellowship in a single Creative Category is $54. Your application fee will depend on how many Creative Categories you choose.
  • You may choose to apply only for the Feature Screenplay Fellowship, only for the Television Fellowship, or for both the Feature and TV Pilot Fellowships.
  • Application fees are designed to provide savings in cases where consideration is warranted in multiple Creative Categories.
  • Each Diversity and Inspired category is an additional $12 fee. There is a limit of three Diversity/Inspired Categories.

What are Diversity and Inspired Categories?

  • Diversity and Inspired Categories are designed as an opportunity to award a third Fellow each month based on additional and often intangible strengths of your material and background.
  • Diversity Categories are based on culturally and ethnically diverse heritage, though they are not awarded based on your personal background.
  • Diversity Fellows are selected based on the subject matter and/or lead characters of your project.
  • As opposed to Diversity Fellows, Inspired Fellows are selected based on who you are, your personal areas of interest, professional background, passion and experience.

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