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The Writers Boot Camp Fellowship is based on the philosophy of professional education and awards three $995 Basic Training scholarships every month throughout the year, including a writing/development deal to at least one Fellow each year with Writers Boot Camp Productions and/or a studio, network or independent producer. Fee Structure

Fellowship News

As We Enter Our Fourth Year. This September marks the beginning of the fourth year of the Fellowship, and for the year ahead we will be creating additional tiers of support to the creative community and Fellowship candidates. The Fellowship has granted over $500,000 in educational awards in the past three years and has provided professional evaluation to hundreds more who have taken advantage of their conferences. Still, we have more work to do.

One important change is that monthly Fellows will receive Basic Training, or One-on-One Basic Training for writers living outside of Los Angeles, prior to being eligible to earn Pro Member status. We’ve found over the past three years that even many top candidates, especially those who have not been through Writers Boot Camp’s Sessions, benefit greatly from it and its professional-level intensity. Watch this week for the announcement of the September Fellowship deadline.

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