The Bivouac

The Bivouac is a new level of career support for Pro Members on the verge of breaking through to the industry based on a solid set of writing samples. Supporting screenwriters and filmmakers for 34 years since 1989, our 21-month Pro Membership will celebrate 25 years this fall, so the timing is right.

bivouac (biv-wak), defined as “the guard or watch of a whole army” in Writers Boot Camp vernacular is a new guard, a level of membership to foster the careers of specially motivated alumni.  It’s not the same as Project Group, though members seeking further script support will be eligible for deeper rate benefits.  Imagine instead a cohort of fellow Pro Members who share a career-oriented sensibility.  You don’t need an agent when you have your own agency.*

Now that we have a new clubhouse back at Bergamot Station, we’re launching The Bivouac with an initial Pro Member group–all productive and ambitious writers and filmmakers. 

Monthly Events & Activities:  With two excellent restaurants and the galleries as our neighbors, there will be many new social and cultural events to share at the space.  In addition to a mandatory monthly Roll Call to affirm deadline targets, Bivouac members will be entitled to priority guest privileges for in-person speaker events, weekly co-work writing sessions, monthly social and networking opportunities, and salon discussions revolving around legacy film and TV anniversaries.  Charter members through January 31st, 2024 will have their member rate protected for at least three years.

You can apply below via this web page.  Not everyone will be eligible based on key prerequisites.

In addition to being a past Pro Member in good standing, the primary prerequisite is a set of three fully developed writing samples to be vetted through an evaluation process.  OPM (One-on-One) alumni may upgrade their status to become eligible.  Charter rates include a one-time initiation fee and annual admin fees to cover staffing and the cost of hosted events.  Quite a wonderful array of chances to connect, and a range of affordable payment options are available.

You can email JG directly with any questions at 

*No, we’re not creating an “agency”.  The Bivouac is not a formal representation opportunity, though we’ll regularly invite literary managers and agents to the new HQ for speaking events and panels.

Here’s the application below.  Once received, an application review will be scheduled within five business days.

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