Writers Boot Camp Professional Membership

Full Development Tools for Writing & Collaboration

Writers Boot Camp’s Professional Membership takes you through our Full Development process to learn to complete a script every six months. Our ideal member has a dependable day job and can commit 10 hours per week, not only toward the completion of a first draft but toward the continuation of the creative process through rewriting.

Professional Membership takes you through all the stages of the writing process to create a script that is potentially a professional writing sample. These stages tend to be unknown to new writers and filmmakers who are just entering the entertainment industry, and even one project will take longer to develop than anticipated. Once you have 10 hours available per week, there are no other prerequisites to becoming a member.

In addition to creative support and free script evaluation, Professional Membership includes Writers Boot Camp’s Audience Experience- future access to our library of recorded interviews with film and TV legends, business leaders and successful alumni, as well as ongoing deals with partners. All professional members are granted access to events when visiting Los Angeles.



Basic Training


Now you can start writing as soon as you enlist and complete a first draft of your next project!

Writers Boot Camp has been empowering writers and professionals in the entertainment industry since 1989 with sessions taught in many major cities. Now the same process that has launched so many professional careers is available regardless of geographic location.

A Unique Individualized Experience.

The One-on-One Basic Training (OBT) session is an adaptation of our renowned Basic Training first-draft session taught in our Los Angeles and New York City locations. Beyond receiving creative materials every week, you’ll also have access to live Office Hours (via phone) with a dedicated mentor, a comprehensive script conference with a member of our creative staff, and connectivity to the worldwide Writers Boot Camp community to make the experience personal.



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