Writers Boot Camp students benefit from simply being forced to write. That's why even professionals take the course.
- Forbes Magazine

The creme de la creme of screenwriting workshops.... Writers Boot Camp founder Jeff Gordon realized a fundamental truth about screenwriting - you can get all the encouragement in the world, read every book, and take every seminar, but actually sitting down and pounding out 120 or so pages is a whole different can of worms. This class will squeeze those pages out of you.
- Filmmaker

If you show up with a one-sentence idea for a movie and pledge to put in 10 hours a week outside class, you'll leave with a finished draft of a screenplay.
- NY Daily News

Jeff Gordon gives writers the tools to get the job done.....The support and expertise are phenomenal. All of the people who work for this organization constantly show their enthusiasm and it really rubs off on you.
- NY Screenwriter

The List (of successes) included those whose work has attracted agents, or were hired as writers by studios and producers.

The goal (at Writers Boot Camp) is to foster the long term process of learning the craft
- Valley Magazine