One-on-One Basic Training

Do you have 10 hours per week to write?

Now you can start writing as soon as you enlist and complete a first draft of your next project!

Writers Boot Camp has been empowering writers and professionals in the entertainment industry since 1989 with classes taught in many major cities. Now the same coursework that has launched so many professional careers is available regardless of geographic location.

A Unique Individualized Experience.  The One-on-One Basic Training (OBT) course is an adaptation of our renowned Basic Training first-draft course taught in our Los Angeles and New York City classrooms.  Beyond receiving creative materials every week, you'll also have access to live Office Hours (via phone) with a dedicated instructor, a comprehensive script conference with a member of our creative staff, and connectivity to the worldwide Writers Boot Camp community to make the experience personal.

Top Instructors. The instructors of Writers Boot Camp's online courses are the same writers who teach in Los Angeles and New York City. Each has been trained by Jeffrey Gordon, founder of Writers Boot Camp. We maintain a favorable writer-to-instructor ratio, ensuring you personal attention and ample opportunities for instructor interaction on the phone. Email access provides personal answers to your questions regarding material and assignments. 

One-on-One Basic Training is only $995. Following the same syllabus as in-person Basic Training classes, your script deadline is seven weeks from the release date of your first session of materials. 

Even if we did not provide inspirational coursework, unique creative materials and professional tools, individual instructor support, online portfolio of utilities, evaluation and conference on your script, isn't it worth it to complete your first draft quickly, if that's all you were to accomplish? 

Of course, OBT is not a prerequisite for our One-on-One Professional Membership (OPM), which teaches you a full development and empowered rewriting process.  Either way, you can get started as soon as you have 10 hours available for writing and for the same cost.

Next Steps. For more information please call 800/800-1733 or submit an Eligibility Questionnaire.

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About Writers Boot Camp

What We Do
Get writers to write and teach tools for collaboration in movies, television and the web.

What We Offer
Practical coursework and script completion, as well as ongoing membership benefits for your career at the highest level of the entertainment business and digital production.

Success/Track Record
Our alumni have major awards of all kinds, plus more than 150 major feature film and television credits, in addition to being on the vanguard of digital and branded content.

What You Need
10 hours per week for writing and creative exercises.

Schedule an interview to determine your creative focus, whether feature, television pilot, web series, novel, graphic novel or all above the above.

When You Start
As soon as you've carved out 10 hours from your week to focus your Creative Calendar.

If you're concerned about finances, then you may qualify for partial Work Study or become an online member for further savings.

But don't let time pass without writing or climbing the industry learning curve!