Creative or Career Planning Session

Please complete and submit the following questionnaire.  A Writers Boot Camp staff member will be in touch to schedule a call to discuss your creative goals.  The conversation will determine your path in the entertainment industry and address your potential eligibility for educational subsidies and scholarships.

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My current job allows me - or I can see myself committing - ten hours per week towards the pursuit of my creative goals...
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The following aspect of the writing process gives me the most trouble
Starting a draft
Finishing a draft
Rewriting a draft
My approach to my writing sessions most resembles the following:
get them in when I can
diligently schedule them, but find that other things take precedence and prompt adjustments
      or cause me to miss sessions
digilently schedule them and make sure nothing forces them to be adjusted or missed
My typical writing session lasts

30 minutes to 1 hour
1 to 2 hours
2 to 3 hours
3 to 4 hours
4+ hours

Working on my writing an average of 10 hours/week, I'd like to be able to go from concept, to first Draft, through the necessary rewriting orbits, to completed, professional caliber script in...
6 months
1 year
18 months
my lifetime
I envision myself continuing to pursue writing three to four years from now
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One of my top three favorite movies is...
It's one of my favorites because...
One of my favorite TV shows is...
Finish this thought: "in five years, I'd like to be..."