Audience Experience is a set of educational benefits complementary to our formal process. Formally Launching in Fall 2012.    

Free with Professional Membership, Audience Experience provides you with weekly access to our library of recorded interviews with industry legends, business leaders and successful writers.

If you're not writing yet or not ready for membership, then Audience Experience will keep you up to date about the entertainment business through our many forums like the Actors Annex, Business Breakfast, Writers Boot Camp Pavilion, Spotlight Series and occasional interviews with successful writers and industry legends.

Call 800/800-1733 to become an audience member.

Audience Experience Includes:

  • Weekly release of new video interviews.
  • Weekly announcements of special offers and partner deals.
  • One Free Fellowship application during the year.
  • One Free Script Evaluation during the year.
  • One Free Mini-Camp Teleconference during the year.
  • Priority eligibility for consulting (as of Fall 2012, Professional Membership will require application and writer references).
  • Organization and Corporate venue rate for festivals, fundraisers, conferences and meetings.
  • Opportunities for work-study and employment.
  • Creative Currency awards available toward consulting and creative support.

How the Phrase Audience Experience Applies to the Craft

"Audience Experience" as a creative term evolved from Writers Boot Camp's emphasis on conceptual development and our goal of helping our writers create distinctive material that entertains in a unique way. In this way, Audience Experience reaches beyond story. Too few writers and filmmakers remember to focus on what the audience is feeling and imagining, thinking and wondering—what we are anticipating at any given moment or within a scene, based on what we know of the character and the story, and often what the character does not know that we know.

Character and story development are very important aspects of professional craft that we teach fundamentally, yet not as profound as the fulfillment of the visceral audience experience. An audience will forgive a weaker story that is emotionally moving, or support a performance even when there are logic problems or story holes.  he real challenge of the craft of screenwriting and television writing is the creation of an Audience Experience, whether sitting in a theater, on the couch or using a handheld device or ipad.

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Common New Writer Problems

Along with the failure to cultivate rooting interest for characters, new writers become so wrapped up in the content of their scripts that they forget to focus on the cinematic and emotional experience for the audience.

Writers Boot Camp's membership accelerates professional process and focuses on conceptual development of a script that translates to unique entertainment and the audience's visceral experience and connection.

  • Unoriginal concept due to lack of unique source of action or character
  • Premature editing due to writing linearly rather than structurally
  • Creative and business considerations get lost in the process
  • Failure to identify the ideal target market
  • Not determining a clear genre for the story
  • Missing the opportunity to create active and appealing characters
  • Not writing in an inhabitable, evocative way in which character responses are natural yet unpredictable