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Company History: Getting Writers to Write
After receiving his masters degree in 1989 from the Peter Stark Motion Picture Producing Program at USC, Writers Boot Camp founder and president Jeffrey Gordon tested his producing talents by inviting seven screenwriters to join him nightly in his living room, guaranteeing each a completed script in the first session of what was to become our renowned six-week Writers Boot Camp course.

In addition to teaching how to write quickly, Writers Boot Camp has evolved into a Professional Membership emphasizing full development of material and a crossover philosophy covering feature film, television series and digital production. The rapid success rate of alumni, in television as well brought about the integration of television into the coursework. Hundreds of writers are trained each year, with sessions in Los Angeles, New York and Online.

Company Evolution: Professional Membership
The nature of the screenwriting process requires you to scale the conceptual challenges and learning curve of the unique craft of screenwriting. We’ve learned through sustained service and experimentation that writers need to be productive over a longer time frame, to test ideas more rigorously prior to writing script pages, to encounter and comprehend the many stages of rewriting, and to work through the realities of the screenwriting profession. A formal program of support and discipline helps writers achieve breakthroughs and greater productivity.  Membership combines a working regimen with the clout and support of community, within an environment for success. 

Writers Boot Camp's writing tools are also tools for collaboration.  If you’re working at a company that develops material  and hires writers, then Writers Boot Camp's tools and services can guarantee timely development of your projects, assure the meeting of material deadlines, and further educate your co-workers and creative staff and expedite communication about creative objectives.

Our National Headquarters in Santa Monica, California
Our community approach led to the creation of our headquarters at Bergamot Station Arts Center in Santa Monica, California. The venue supports many entertainment industry, artistic and philanthropic organizations and causes. On a limited basis, the space and courtyard are available for rental.